European AI Hub: Leading Research for AI Technologies and Solutions

Welcome to NXAI, where we engage in cutting-edge research and product development at the heart of Europe, aiming to elevate AI technologies to unprecedented levels of performance. NXAI has fundamental research at its core, dedicated to build an open research environment that fosters a seamless transition into market-ready technologies.

Founded by AI pioneer Sepp Hochreiter, company builder Netural X, and PIERER Digital Holding, NXAI focuses on one question: How can we technically elevate the possibilities and applications of Artificial Intelligence and make these advancements competitively available from Europe? Our answer lies in exploring this cutting-edge AI technology in Central Europe, leveraging our extensive know-how to develop new products.

Our journey begins with a novel technological approach based on the xLSTM model, developed by Sepp Hochreiter and his team, with the goal of establishing the most performant international Large Language Model to date. A research collaboration between Johannes Kepler University Linz (JKU) and NXAI has been established to bring the insights around xLSTM to market maturity.

Secondly, we identify unmatched potential in the area of AI4Simulation. We are convinced that AI is on the cusp of disrupting simulations at industry-scale. To lead this disruption, we conduct leading-edge research with a dedicated team and large-scale compute under the direction of Johannes Brandstetter. Our mandate: developing the tools that will raise industrial simulations to the next level.

Join us in making NXAI a European AI hub, as we push the boundaries of artificial intelligence, creating technologies and solutions that redefine what's possible. Together, we're not just following the future of AI; we're leading it from Europe.

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