xLSTM: A European Revolution in Language Processing Technology

Welcome to the forefront of artificial intelligence and language processing innovation — introducing xLSTM. Developed by the visionary AI mastermind, Sepp Hochreiter, in collaboration with NXAI and the Johannes Kepler University Linz, xLSTM sets a new standard in large language models (LLMs) by offering significantly enhanced efficiency and performance in text processing.

Innovating at the Heart of Europe

Sepp Hochreiter, a pioneer in artificial intelligence, has once again broken new ground with the development of xLSTM. This European LLM not only continues his tradition of innovation, dating back to his invention of Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) technology in 1991, but it also marks a significant leap forward. While LSTM technology laid the groundwork for modern AI, remaining the dominant method in language processing and text analysis until 2017, xLSTM propels this legacy into the future with cutting-edge advancements.

The xLSTM Difference: Efficiency Through Innovation

Ever since the early 1990s, the Long-Short Term idea of constant error carousel and gating has contributed to numerous success stories. LSTMs have emerged as the most performant recurrent neural network architecture with demonstrated efficacy in numerous sequence-related tasks. When the advent of the Transformer technology with parallelizable self-attention at its core marked the dawn of a new era, the LSTM idea seemed outpaced. Transformers have become the driving force of today’s LLMs, piggy-backing the modern trend of ever-improving compute and ever-increasing data. At NXAI, we put the LSTM idea back into the game, but more powerful than ever. We build on the unique expertise lead by LSTM inventor Sepp Hochreiter, and introduce xLSTM, the new asset on the LLM market.

NXAI: Accelerating the LLM Revolution

Early results from Sepp Hochreiter's research team illustrate that xLSTM operates more efficiently, using less computing power, and outperforms current LLMs in speed and accuracy. Notably, xLSTM demonstrates a superior understanding of text semantics, enabling it to comprehend and generate more complex texts. This makes xLSTM a key component in the development of large AI-driven surrogates, with NXAI providing the essential platform for this innovation.

A Vision from Sepp Hochreiter

"xLSTM represents more than just a technological breakthrough; it is a step towards a future where the efficiency, accuracy, and understanding of language processing can meet and exceed human capabilities."

For researchers and investors alike, xLSTM offers a glimpse into the future of artificial intelligence, where innovation and efficiency pave the way for new possibilities. Join us in this exciting journey as we explore the potential of xLSTM and its impact on the world of AI.

Sepp Hochreiter

Sepp Hochreiter

Chief Scientist at NXAI