NXAI appoints Dennis Just as new Managing Director

NXAI, the Austrian pioneer in the field of Artificial Intelligence, is pleased to announce that Dennis Just has joined the NXAI management team as Managing Director with immediate effect. With his extensive experience in leading and scaling technology companies, Just will play a key role in the further development and expansion of NXAI.

Dennis Just has had an impressive career characterised by innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and successful leadership. Prior to joining NXAI, Just spent over four years as CEO of Smallpdf, which he built without external capital into one of the largest providers of integrated document management services with over 1 billion users worldwide. He is also Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Acodis AG and a Venture Partner at 3VC.

"We have the next industrial revolution ahead of us and want to help push the boundaries of what is possible with NXAI," explains Dennis Just. "At NXAI, we combine cutting-edge AI research with practical applications in industry. By closely dovetailing research and business, we are unlocking new efficiencies and overcoming complex challenges that previous technologies were unable to solve."

At NXAI, Dennis Just will bring his deep expertise in product development and digital strategy to drive the transformation of cutting-edge AI technologies into industrial applications. He will also play a crucial role in expanding the team and recruiting other outstanding key positions.

"Dennis brings exactly the right mix of personality, experience and leadership to lead NXAI's chosen path into a promising future," emphasises Albert Ortig, CEO of NXAI. I am delighted that in Dennis we have been able to attract an entrepreneurial personality with an outstanding track record in the management of technology companies and a tireless passion for innovative solutions."

About NXAI

NXAI has set itself the goal of raising the European market in the field of AI research and innovation to a globally competitive level. For this reason, a Large Language Model is being developed in Linz. This serves as the first innovation step and is intended to lay the foundation for further research and development of AI for complex applications in various sectors. In addition to the founders Sepp Hochreiter and the Austrian company builder Netural X, PIERER Digital Holding GmbH is also involved as a shareholder. For more information, visit www.nx-ai.com

Dennis Just

Dennis Just

Monday, Jul 1, 2024